Middle East Center for Anti Counterfeiting

Dedicated to Protecting You

MECAC Anti-Counterfeit Solutions provide market leading brand protection programs, anti-counterfeit solutions, and document security systems to SME, large corporate and government entities. These solutions use a combination of market leading technologies to safeguard the world’s largest brands and government organizations from the damaging effects of counterfeiting.

Anti Counterfeit Labels or Stickers

Standard holographic labels are easy to duplicate. That’s why MECAC custom designs and manufactures security labels on a case-by-case basis to ensure your protection. We also will work with your existing labels supplier to incorporate our taggant technologies directly into the label applications you already use. We have a large network of industry partners and the resources to provide you with the best options available in high security labels and seals. Based on the high quality and reasonable price, we gained the trust from our customers .